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An environmentally friendly
hot water system to
save you money

Emerald’s range of quality Heat Pumps

Emerald offers a range of hot water Heat Pumps including a refrigerant cycling split system or a All-In-One Heat Pump.

Refrigerant cycling Heat Pump -
200L and 300L

The refrigerant cycling heat pump’s heat exchanger is in the water tank resulting in less energy use due to heat loss. It can also operate under lower outdoor temperature conditions.

All-In-One Heat Pump -
220L and 270L

The Emerald All-In-One Heat Pump offers a stylish design and significant cost savings for your hot water needs. With its compact form, it seamlessly fits into any residential setting.

Huge energy savings of up to 80%

A Heat Pump is an energy-efficient way to reduce your energy requirements to heat hot water by 50-80%.
They don’t require solar panels, and work day and night, rain, hail, or sunshine!

standard electric hot water system

14-18 kWh per day
3.6 kW
approx $2.18 per day

emerald energy heat pump system

3-4 kWh per day

0.85 kW

approx $0.40 per day

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Beat The Rising Cost of Electricity

Slash your energy bills with an Emerald Hot Water Heat Pump

Heat Pump technology - friendly to the environment and your wallet

How a Heat Pump saves you money

Heat Pumps work a bit like a reverse refrigerator – transferring heat from the air, through a heat exchange system to heat your water; this is why they are often referred to as ‘air-source Heat Pumps’.

By concentrating this existing heat, instead of creating more, Heat Pumps can significantly reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption – saving you money.

Unlike solar, they don’t require the sun to work, and although they use electricity to operate, they are roughly four times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater.


Renewable energy extracted
from the air to heat water


Energy saving of 74-80% compared
to standard electric hot water


High COP
(coefficient of performance)


Ambient temperature operating range
from -7°C to +40°C


Not dependent on sun and
no solar panels required

How does the Heat Pump work?

  1. Heat Pumps draw air in through a fan to an evaporator where the heat in the air is absorbed by a refrigerant.
  2. The warm air turns the refrigerant from liquid to gas.
  3. The gas refrigerant is compressed, causing the pressure and temperature to increase.
  4. This hot vapour flows through a heat exchanger to heat the water and cool the refrigerant.
  5. The liquid refrigerant then flows into an expansion valve to reduce its pressure, allowing it to cool and enter the evaporator to repeat the cycle.

As a result of this process Heat Pump hot water systems require much less electricity to heat water than conventional electric hot water systems.
An Emerald Heat Pump hot water system has a high COP (Coefficient of Performance) for high energy savings – about 74-80% less energy when compared to traditional electric hot water where 1 kW of electricity generates 1 kW of thermal output.

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