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Emerald Split-System Air Conditioners

The Emerald Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner offers both heating and cooling capabilities and is equipped with 360° full DC inverter technology, an internal air duct and a cutting-edge louver fin.

Breathe Fresh, Clean Air

With Emerald’s patented self-clean technology, this smart unit cleans the air and cleans itself, extending the life of your air conditioner and allowing you to enjoy superb air quality.

Breathe Fresh, Clean Air

Superior Technology

Designed to maximise performance while minimising energy consumption, our cutting-edge Air Conditioners utilise DC Technology, Silver lon Filters, and a unique Anti-Corrosion Design to deliver energy-efficient performance.

Superior Technology

Control Your Comfort

Create a comfortable environment with intelligent and intuitive features such as I FEEL Mode, Quiet Mode and Eco Mode, allowing you to effortlessly control the climate of your home.

Control Your Comfort

Quiet Operation

These units offer a super silent operating sound as low as 19dB, ensuring that you can enjoy the perfect indoor climate without any disruptive background noise.

Quiet Operation

A Worthy Investment

Whether you’re looking to replace an old system or install a new one, rest assured Emerald Air Conditioners deliver exceptional energy-efficiency and cost savings. Plus, these systems are eligible for Government Supported Rebates.

A Worthy Investment

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Why Emerald?

Guaranteed Warranty

5-Year Product Warranty.
2-Year Service Warranty.
*Subject to terms and conditions.

Dedicated Customer Support

Rest assured that our exceptional support team awaits should you ever need them.

Efficiency Leaders

Trusted manufacturer of energy-efficient technologies for over 17 years.

HVAC Experts

Innovation leaders in sustainably heating and cooling homes.

Which Size Suits Your Needs?

Supported By Government Rebates And Incentives

Unlock unparalleled comfort with the Emerald Split System Air Conditioner, now made even more accessible through government rebates and incentives. Take advantage of these financial incentives to embrace a sustainable future.

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