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Refrigerant cycling Heat Pump - 200L and 300L

The refrigerant cycling heat pump’s heat exchanger is in the water tank resulting in less energy use due to heat loss. It can also operate under lower outdoor temperature conditions.

Optional built-in electric heater

Both models are available with an optional built-in backup electric heater.

Blue diamond enamel tank

Ensures the surface is clean and smooth – reducing dust from adhering.


7 years on the tank.
5 years on Heat Pump unit..
2 years labour warranty.
*Subject to terms and conditions.

Premium components

Made from quality components for
optimum performance and reliability.


5 years on the tank.
5 years on Heat Pump unit.
2 years labour warranty.

Australian business

Emerald is an Australian-owned
manufacturer and distributor of
energy-efficient products since 2006.

Beat The Rising Cost of Electricity

Slash your energy bills with an Emerald Hot Water Heat Pump

Supported by government rebates

These Heat Pumps are supported by government schemes. To find out more, click here.

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