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Pumping Heat Out Of Thin Air

Reading Time: 2 minutes You might have heard of heat pumps while searching for efficient ways to heat your home or hot water, but contrary to its name, a heat pump can also cool in reverse in a reverse-cycle air-con and refrigeration. Because of its efficiency, the world is scrambling to install heat pumps to solve the energy crisis […]

5 ways to Draught Proof your Home for Winter

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now summer is well and truly over in Australia, and the nights are longer and the mornings colder, staying all day in your bed isn’t going to be a sustainable solution. Here are 5 easy tips to get you up from bed and start looking at draught proofing your home so you can save on […]

Are You Missing Out on Savings From Your Hot Water System?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here’s How a Hot Water Heat Pump Can Help You Save As summer draws to a close and the cold sets in, hot water consumption is on the rise around the country. And with hot water accounting for up to 30% of your energy bill throughout autumn and winter, it makes sense that households right […]