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How A Victorian Resident Supercharged Their Savings Through Electrification.

Reading Time: 2 minutes As electricity bills continue to rise, now is the ideal time to reflect on the sustainability of our homes. For JVO of Victoria, this meant a pivotal shift towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, starting with the installation of Emerald’s Hot Water Heat Pump. Here’s a glimpse into how JVO’s journey can inspire us to start saving […]

Victoria’s enhanced Heat Pump and solar rebate schemes: what you need to know

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a move to further promote sustainable living and reduce energy bills, the Victorian government plans to make a significant change to its solar rebate program. This is welcome news for both homeowners and renters, aiming to make the benefits of energy-efficient appliances more widely accessible. Here are the key takeaways for those who can […]

What Is Electrification?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Electrification refers to the replacement of older systems or products that run on fossil fuels with ones that operate on electricity; a renewable energy source. The goal of electrification is to help the environment by reducing our use of non-renewable energy sources and becoming more energy efficient. This helps us to fight climate change by […]