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How A Victorian Resident Supercharged Their Savings Through Electrification.

Ben M on
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As electricity bills continue to rise, now is the ideal time to reflect on the sustainability of our homes. For JVO of Victoria, this meant a pivotal shift towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, starting with the installation of Emerald’s Hot Water Heat Pump. Here’s a glimpse into how JVO’s journey can inspire us to start saving and living better.

I was in the process of replacing my gas appliances and a friend who had recently installed an Emerald hot water system recommended it to me.

To complement my solar system, I also installed a battery. My gas bill has been reduced as I no longer use gas to heat the water and my electricity bill has also been reduced as I use the timer feature of the Emerald heat pump to heat the water using solar energy.

Once the system was installed and the timer set and activated it runs on auto pilot. It is great.

I am extremely happy with the Emerald Heat pump, and it has certainly met my expectations.

Most certainly.

I have decided to electrify my home and get rid of my gas appliances. I have increased the Solar System to 10kw and replaced the hot water system. I will soon be replacing the gas cooking and will turn off the gas ducted heating and rely on the electric split systems that I have installed in the master bedroom and lounge/dining room.

JVO – Mount Waverley.