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It doesn’t cost as much as you think to heat your home with Air Conditioning: 5 common AC myths busted  

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Our experts sort the facts from the fiction on cost, health, noise and more to help you find the best solution to heating and cooling your home. 

An air conditioning (AC) unit is a great investment into your home, especially if you live in a climate that has cold Winters. Yes! You’re AC unit can be just as effective at heating your home in Winter, as it can be as cooling it in Summer. 

But with so many different units and features choosing your AC can be a daunting task. We appreciate there is already a heap of helpful information out there to make this purchase easier, but our research still seems to lead to a lot of myths and misconceptions around air conditioning that we know to be untrue.  

So we’re here to help you decide if purchasing another plug-in electric heater this winter and boiling the kettle to fill the hot water bottle, over purchasing an AC unit, is the best solution for heating your home this Winter. 

Myth 1: Air conditioning is expensive.

Many people worry about the cost of running an air conditioner, especially compared to using plug in electric heaters. However, with advancements like eco mode, air conditioners can be energy-efficient and cost-effective. For instance, our Emerald split system models are designed to optimise energy usage, ensuring comfort without breaking the bank. 

Let’s do a quick price comparison. Your typical type plug-in electric heater might cost $50 to purchase and uses up to 2000w per hour. You’ll probably need two of them if there is more than one person in the home. An AC split system unit costs on average $1400, plus install, then uses less watts to run per hour.

We appreciate, this is when it can all start to get a bit confusing, so we asked our team to do the maths.

Based on a 3year period, looking only at the peak four Winter months, we asked our experts to analyse the cost difference and put it into an easy-to-read chart, see below.1

Myth 2: It makes you sick and gives you a cold.

This myth is outdated, thanks to new technologies and improved cleaning mechanisms in modern air conditioners. Our units are equipped with cutting-edge technology that not only cools the air but also ensures it is clean and free from harmful particles, promoting a healthier indoor environment. 

Every Emerald Air Conditioning unit has a Silver Ion Filter, an anti-bacterial device designed to keep the air clean from bacteria and impurities. This filter effectively prevents mould build-up and boasts a 99.99% efficacy in preventing E.coli and a 97.14% efficacy in preventing S.aureus (Staph).

Myth 3: I can’t sleep with AC on, it’s too loud.

This is our favourite one. And we can believe it, if you’ve ever been to a hotel abroad and used their 15 year old air conditioning unit it can sound like there is a double decker bus in your bedroom. Older air conditioners may have been noisy, but not anymore.  

Our latest models come with Quiet Mode, allowing the unit to operate silently, so you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment without any disturbances. We’ve tested it and the sound doesn’t go above 25 decibels (in quiet mode), which is equivalent to less than a whisper?2 

Myth 4: It is only worth it in the Summer.

While air conditioners are indeed great for cooling during hot months, they are equally effective in winter. Our units have a reverse cycle (aka heating), that keeps your home warm and cozy, making them versatile appliances throughout the year.  Remember not all AC’s are created equal, meaning not all AC’s have this feature, we recommend checking your air conditioning’s spec sheet thoroughly before you purchase.

The Emerald AC units can reach a pretty warm temperature, but we recommend you set your unit to somewhere around 20-22 degrees in Winter. We have even designed a powerful thermometer technology, that will keep the room to temperature within a 0.5 degree ratio – keeping your Winter warmth consistent. Long gone are the days of picking up the controller every 20 minutes to adjust the temperature.

Top Tip: Don’t use fan mode in Winter as this can create a cooling effect on the body because of the “wind” feeling.

Myth 5: AC only works when I’m in the house… or I have to leave it on all day to have the house cool when I arrive.  

Gone are the days of manually adjusting your air conditioner or leaving it running all day.

With our smart thermostats, AC Link and the Emerald App, you can control the temperature settings from the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere. This means you can ensure your home is comfortable precisely when you need it, saving energy and optimising your comfort. 

And this isn’t all…  

Want to read more about our energy-efficient air conditioning units? Download the brochure and explore our range of products, tailored to meet your needs this Winter and beyond here.

Say goodbye to misconceptions and hello to a more comfortable home environment! 

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