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The Daniels Family Journey with All-In-One

Ben M on
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Plagued by the familiar pinch of high energy bills and environmental concerns, the Daniels family faced quarterly gas bills ranging from $270 to $350, adding up to an annual expense of around $1,200. It was clear to Mr. Daniels that he, his wife, and two small children were in need of a more economical and eco-friendly solution. Their answer came in the form of the All-In-One Heat Pump.

Leveraging the Emerald app, the Daniels family smartly shifted their Heat Pump to run between 2am and 6am (off-peak hours) to greatly optimise their energy consumption and drive down costs.

Boost mode was a “game-changer” for Mr. Daniels, particularly during instances when he had extended family members staying over.

It was nice having a reliable backup. We switched on the boost mode, and everyone had warm showers, no stress.

Adam Daniels

Real-time energy monitoring and control became part of their daily routine.

The app is brilliant. We love making little tweaks to get the best out of our Heat Pump, and we feel like we’re on top of our usage and costs, which is empowering really.

Kerri Daniels

The most striking aspect of the Daniels’ transition to the All-In-One Heat Pump is the significant reduction in daily operating costs.

Most days, our Heat Pump operates at just $0.22 per day, which is just incredible. At this rate, we’re on track for an annual bill of around $100 once you factor in Winter heating. That’s about a third of what we were paying quarterly when we were on gas.

Adam Daniels

It’s not just about the savings, though they are significant. It’s about how the heat pump has integrated into our lives. The kids are more aware of our energy usage now too, and we feel good about doing our bit for the environment.

Adam Daniels

Switching from gas to electric, the Daniels significantly cut down their carbon footprint.

Knowing that we’re using cleaner energy makes a huge difference to us. It’s about leaving a better world for our kids.

Adam Daniels

The Daniels’ experience highlights a real and relatable journey towards energy efficiency, cost-savings, and environmental responsibility. To find out how you can make the switch to a smarter, more sustainable, and connected home, check your eligibility for an Emerald Heat Pump today.