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Emerald Energy Heat Pumps Help Peter Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

Ben M on
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Emerald Energy specialises in providing energy-efficient water heating solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our range of heat pump products is designed to help customers reduce their energy consumption and cost. This case study explains how Peter, a resident of Epping NSW, reduced his energy consumption and cost by installing a 200L split system Emerald Energy Heat Pump for his home.

Peter’s Experience

Peter replaced his electric resistance water heater with a 200L Emerald Energy split system heat pump. After the installation, he set up a dedicated off-peak circuit, which means he only runs his heat pump during low-cost off-peak electricity usage hours (see below). This setup allows Peter to be charged less for his electricity usage. Instead of 32 cents per kilowatt, he is charged only 11 cents per kilowatt. Peter is raving about his experience with our heat pump and recommending Emerald to his family and friends. Thank you Peter!



Peter has tracked his usage since the start of February 2023 up to today:

  • He has consumed 28 kilowatts at 11 cents per kilowatt.
  • This amounts to only $3.50 for 52 days, which is an excellent result.
  • His daily usage is only 7 cents per day.
  • He has significantly reduced his hot water energy consumption by approximately 75.5%!

Zoom Heat Pump Video

We partnered with Zoom Energy to document the install of Peters heat pump. Watch the video here!


The installation of an Emerald Energy 200L Heat Pump has helped Peter reduce his energy consumption and saved him 75.5% of his hot water electricity bill. Emerald is committed to providing high-quality energy-efficient solutions to our customers, and we look forward to helping more people like Peter reduce their energy consumption and costs.